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Pediatric EM Procedures

Pediatric Procedure Videos

In comparison to adult Emergency Medicine, the pediatric realm does not often lead to critical care procedures. Fortunately for the children, they do not require advanced procedures as often as their adult counterparts.  Unfortunately for the physicians who care for the pediatric patient, the lower overall number of pediatric patients requiring procedures means that we may become less adept than we would like.  I use these videos to help during Pediatric Procedure labs and have found that they can help solidify those synapses that we have neglected.

Attach Bag Tricks

Surgical Cric

Retrograde Intubation 2

Transtracheal Ventilation

TransTracheal Ventilation #2


Melker Cric

Chest Tubes – Thoracostomy Tube

Chest Tubes – Pigtail

Aspiration of Pneumothorax


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