Nontraumatic AtlantoAxial Subluxation in Children

Children can have major conditions disguised as relatively minor problems. We often think of Inborn Errors of Metabolism presenting as innocuous vomiting or Late Onset GBS infection presenting as poor feeding. Obviously, conditions like these don’t remain innocuous for long and it is our VIGILANCE that helps us to decipher the clues and prevent poor outcomes. Recently, our friend and PEM expert (and ultrasound expert) Dr. Simone Lawson kindly reminded me of another scary entity that can look like benign Toricollis. Let us take a minute to digest a Morsel on NonTraumatic AtlantoAxial Subluxation in Children: Atlantoaxial Subluxation: Basics Nontraumatic … Continue reading Nontraumatic AtlantoAxial Subluxation in Children