External Ear Lacerations

Lacerations and injuries are pervasive in the Pediatric ED. While lacerations on the arms and legs deserve consideration (at least consideration of whehter they need tetanus prevention?), facial lacerations will often attract a lot of attention. We have discussed other important lacerations previously (ex, Eyelid laceration, Tongue Laceration), but let us consider another prominent structure on the face – External Ear Lacerations: External Ear Anatomy The external ear is the pinna or auricle and includes the: [Eagles, 2013; Falcon-Chevere, 2013] Helix and antihelix, Tragus and antitragus,  Concha, and  Lobule.  Arterial blood supply: [Eagles, 2013; Falcon-Chevere, 2013] Posterior Auricular Artery Superficial Temporal Artery … Continue reading External Ear Lacerations