Pediatric Paraphimosis

Genital problems are not pleasant for anyone involved, especially the patients. Whether twisted (ex, Ovarian Torsion, Testicular Torsion, Appendix Testis Torsion) or inflamed (ex, phimosis, PID) they are painful and garner much attention. One condition that will unquestionably grab everyone’s attention is Paraphimosis. Let us review some strategies to manage Pediatric Paraphimosis:   Pediatric Paraphimosis: Basics Paraphimosis occurs when retracted foreskin become entrapped behind the coronal sulcus. [Burstein, 2017; Clifford, 2016] The retracted foreskin becomes swollen and begins constricting the glans. The swollen glans prevents reduction of the retracted foreskin. Continued constriction leads to worsening obstruction of venous drainage, and eventually can compromise perfusion. … Continue reading Pediatric Paraphimosis