The Inspiration

Carolinas Medical Center and Levine Children's Hospital

Carolinas Medical Center & Levine Children’s Hospital


I owe a lot to those who have taught me (the wonderful educators at the University of Maryland).  Without their support and encouragement and cajoling I would not have been able to obtain the wonderful job I have at Carolinas Medical Center.

The inspiration for the Pediatric EM Morsels was initially sparked while I was in residency, but it has been the residents, faculty and staff that I have the distinct honor to work with who continue to inspire me to want to learn more and continual strive to be a better physician.  It is with this inspiration that I maintain this website.

In addition, it is with the knowledge that others around the globe are equally invested in continuing on the educational journey that serves as the catalyst to develop new Morsels each week.

Thank you all,

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