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Hemoptysis in Children

Hemoptysis in Children

A child spewing bright red blood across the room will likely grab your attention, and potentially ruin your day. Fortunately, it is a rare event, but it is the life-threatening rare event that we must remain vigilant for! The post-tonsillectomy…

Erythema ab Igne

Erythema ab igne

Dermatologic eruptions (AKA rashes) exist on such an interesting spectrum – from unexciting to emergent. We’ve previously discussed my general approach to rashes (and occasional disdain for them). We have also reviewed our need to maintain vigilance for the potential…

Iron Toxicity

Iron Toxicity in Children

The worlds of Pediatrics and Toxicology often intersect, unfortunately. From very early on in my career I learned the significance of Poison Control access [1(800)222-1222]. We have discussed some important toxic exposures previously (ex, Laundry Pods, Lead Toxicity, Special Foreign…