Nasal Foreign Bodies

Nasal Foreign Bodies – Positive Pressure Technique


We have all been there… whether at work at home… looking at a child in disbelief: “why would you put that up there?” Inevitably, what goes up, must come down. But how?

There are various instruments, all fun to use and scary for a child to see near his or her face.

One technique which is often over-looked and under-valued is the “positive-pressure technique” or “kissing technique.”

  • It has been demonstrated to be efficacious and has the advantage of not employing long hooks, foley-type devices, glue, or suction.
  • It is easy to do, less scary for the patient, and can be done even at home… a bonus if your own kids, or neighbors’ kids like to put things in places they don’t belong.
  • ts success rate has been demonstrated to be around 50%, which is excellent… ½ of the patients get less trauma and you get less nasal discharge on you.

Personally I bring a Katz Extractor (small foley-type device) in with me, but keep it out of sight.

Then explain the “kissing technique: to the parent:

  • Have the child blow his/her nose (not usually successful given the age group you are usually dealing with.
  • Then the Parent (not you… another bonus) places his or her mouth over the child’s while the unaffected nostril is occluded.
  • The parent exhales into the child’s mouth and 50% of the time, the foreign body will shoot out (along with snot). {It is nice to have a tissue ready for the parent- helps with service excellence scores.}

If it doesn’t work, plans B-Z can be entertained. But if it works, you’ve just saved the child, the family and you a lot of time and trouble!

It is a great method to remember when the neighbor calls you also… perhaps you can save them a trip to the ED (not that we wouldn’t welcome them with open arms).

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