Physician Wellness – Proactive Counseling

Ok. Let us be honest. Our jobs are very difficult! They are physically and mentally taxing certainly, but let us also not overlook the significant emotional challenge each shift can bring with it. Recently, two of our stellar second year Emergency Medicine residents at Carolinas Medical Center, Drs. Sofiya Diurba and Destiny Folk, began an important exploration of this issue. I wanted to share the start of that conversation with you all as well. Sure you may not be an EM resident, but I know that whatever your role in the course of caring for children in the ED is, it is strenuous in ways that many cannot vocalize easily. Our complete wellness is important to not only monitor, but also proactively protect. Perhaps, some Proactive Counseling is a good idea.

Use the link below to access the episode (and others). Sure, this may be shameless self-cross-promotion… but I actually think it is useful and necessary information.


www.EMGuideWire.Com – Core Concepts; Resident Wellness – Proactive Counseling.


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