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Endometriosis in Adolescence

Endometriosis in Adolescence

“Adult” conditions don’t always adhere to age restrictions. We have previously discussed several conditions more commonly considered in adults that still can affect children (ex, Pulmonary Embolism, Cholelithiasis, Cholecystitis, Nephrolithiasis). Unfortunately, these conditions are more challenging to diagnosis in children…

Sigmoid Volvulus

Sigmoid Volvulus in Children

The threat of impending intestinal catastrophes is always lurking in the Pediatric ED. It is contemplated with each patient with abdominal pain or vomiting. While the symptoms may be related to non-emergent etiologies (ex, CRAP, Epiploic Appendagitis), our vigilant minds…

Epiploic Appendagitis

Epiploic Appendicitis in Children

Abdominal pain is a challenging complaint. We have to discern between the critical abdominal conditions (ex, Appendicitis, Volvulus, Pancreatitis) from the less concerning causes (ex, CRAP, Constipation, Gastroenteritis). We also have to consider the causes that are not in the…