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It may not be apparent, but the Ped EM Morsels have been a weekly publication since 2010 (actually really since 2008). They have been published every week since… except for when ugly Spammers crash the servers. This is actually the 457th Morsel posted. All of them have been inspired by actual patient encounters and real clinical questions. Many of my fantastic colleagues and residents at Carolinas Medical Center have helped guide me toward the important topics and questions. Now… this week… I call upon the power of the FOAM community. Take a moment and tell me what CLINICAL Question you would like me to write the next Morsel about! Submit your CLINICAL Question via the Comment function on the website below… or by emailing the question to pedemmorselsfox@gmail.com. Let’s see what the next ~450 Morsels bring!


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Sean M. Fox
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  1. Is it worth cleaning an infants ear to see drum in fussy kid or kid with fever. If so how the heck do you safely do it?

  2. would be worthwhile re-visiting peritonsillar abscess. at my institution, we have been using medical therapy for some time now with good results. ceftriaxone, dexamethasone, fluids, rx for home augmentin. i work at kaiser northern california and have a bit of a unique practice environment in that i can directly book (via computer at the time of the ER visit) an ENT specialist appointment the next day for f/u. we almost never drain PTA at this point, which has made life better not only for the patients but also for us. you allude to the technique in your prior morsel, but the recommendation is to admit for observation if medical therapy is chosen. our experience has been that admission is unnecessary for these cases.

    Battaglia, A., et al, Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg 58(2):280, February 2018

    • Dr. Gamboa,
      I like where you are going with this… yes, many traditional management strategies that have included hospitalization are being re-evaluated (ie, intussusception – https://pedemmorsels.com/intussusception-discharge/ ). I will look into this more… Thank you! In the end, however, I think that PTA management will be often predicated on the regional practice of the local ENT.

      Thank you,

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