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Sean M. Fox

I enjoy taking care of patients and I finding it endlessly rewarding to help train others to do the same. I trained at the Combined Emergency Medicine and Pediatrics residency program at University of Maryland, where I had the tremendous fortune of learning from world renowned educators and clinicians. Now I have the unbelievable honor of working with an unbelievably gifted group of practitioners at Carolinas Medical Center. I strive every day to inspire my residents as much as they inspire me.

THANK YOU Class of 2020!

Carolinas Medical Center Class of 2020

I know that the Ped EM Morsels are a typically a source of educational sustenance. Today, however, I want to simply say “Congratulations!” and “Thank you!” to all of our Carolinas Medical Center graduating Emergency Medicine residents. This year has…



All, it is not common for PedEM Morsel to be written by anyone other than me (for good and bad). Recent events have lead many of us to have emotions, however, that are beyond my vocabulary to express. Previously, Dr.…

Knee Dislocation

501st Ped EM Morsel Knee Dislocation

This is the 501st PedEM Morsel! (While I missed the opportunity to buy myself a large cake and eat it all last week, I am willing to accept any gifts of cake you would like to send to me… it…

Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis

Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis

We have discussed “Adult Problems” presenting in children previously (ex, Cholecystitis, PE, Endometriosis), but this time let’s look at a pediatric problem that has an adult sounding name – Arthritis. While arthritis certainly affects adults for a variety of reasons,…

Endometriosis in Adolescence

Endometriosis in Adolescence

“Adult” conditions don’t always adhere to age restrictions. We have previously discussed several conditions more commonly considered in adults that still can affect children (ex, Pulmonary Embolism, Cholelithiasis, Cholecystitis, Nephrolithiasis). Unfortunately, these conditions are more challenging to diagnosis in children…

Retinal Detachment

Retinal Detachment in Children

Some complaints are just challenging to decipher. This is particularly true with children. Sometimes our ability to communicate with them can be the issue. Other complaints are more challenging because the physical exam may be difficult to perform. For instance,…

Shin Splints

Pediatric Shin Splints and Overuse Injury

In an effort to remain active and continue to support social distancing initiatives, many of us have stopped going to the gym and started going for jogs in our communities. As I was partaking in such activity, a young, adolescent…