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Patellar Tendon Rupture

Patellar Tendon Rupture
Sports are wonderful to be involved in! They promote teamwork, selflessness, and healthy habits! With all of the positive aspects, there are also some hazards. We have discussed many other sporting-related injuries (ex, Little League Shoulder, Horse Related Injuries, Commotio…

Sigmoid Volvulus

Sigmoid Volvulus in Children
The threat of impending intestinal catastrophes is always lurking in the Pediatric ED. It is contemplated with each patient with abdominal pain or vomiting. While the symptoms may be related to non-emergent etiologies (ex, CRAP, Epiploic Appendagitis), our vigilant minds…

Airbag Injury and Children

Airbag Injuries and Children
Motor vehicle crashes injure and kill many people each year and children are particularly at risk. While evaluating traumatized children leads us to considering many potential severe injuries (ex, Major Brain Injury, Cervical Spine Injury, Pneumothorax, Aortic Injury, Abdominal Injury),…