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Bone Cysts

Bone Cysts in Children

Anticipating that some of you may want to think of something other than the COVID-19 pandemic right now (yet, another reason to never say “It’s Just a Virus.”), let’s take 2 minutes to discuss another topic that can be quite…

Finger Fractures in Children

Finger Fracture

The hand and fingers are incredibly complex… and tremendously important to all of us (that opposable thumb is what helps us be classified alongside the other super cool primates like gorillas!). They also seem to be frequently involved in injuries.…

Metacarpal Fractures

Metacarpal Fractures

Hands are, obviously, useful. They allow kids (and all of us) to explore, interact, and manipulate the world. This utility, however, often places them in precarious situations and hazardous locations. Hand injuries are commonly encountered in our EDs (ex, Subungal…