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Bone Cysts

Bone Cysts in Children
Anticipating that some of you may want to think of something other than the COVID-19 pandemic right now (yet, another reason to never say “It’s Just a Virus.”), let’s take 2 minutes to discuss another topic that can be quite…

Wilms’ Tumor

Wilms' Tumor
Despite being able to ignore many odd occurrences in the house, there are several things that will classically attract acute attention from a parent: fever; a child “not eating;” not pooping for a day; lumps and bumps; and rashes. The…

Tumor Lysis Syndrome

Tumor Lysis Syndrome
The lysis of tumor cells is one of the goals of successful treatment of cancer. Unfortunately, “Cancer SUCKS!” and even when the tumor is being positively affected, it can still unleash havoc. Oncologic processes are associated with a variety of…