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Lymphatic Malformations

Lymphatic Malformations

Let’s be honest, the lymphatic system gets no respect. While the blood vessels and nerves are carefully considered and protected, the lymphatic vessels are not even at the forefront of our contemplations. That is until they cause problems! We have…

Wilms’ Tumor

Wilms' Tumor

Despite being able to ignore many odd occurrences in the house, there are several things that will classically attract acute attention from a parent: fever; a child “not eating;” not pooping for a day; lumps and bumps; and rashes. The…

Scapular Fractures

Scapular Fracture

We are well aware that children seem like to test Gravity daily and that some days Gravity wins! This leads to numerous injuries and fractures (ex, Supracondylar, Hand, Finger, Face, Toddler’s). Unfortunately, pediatric trauma involves more than just Gravity (ex,…