Ethanol Poisoning

Excited to work in the ED this St. Patrick’s Day/Weekend? Me too! Keep this in mind though:

Ethanol Poisoning

  • Ethanol is found in many beverages and products (liquor, mouthwash, cold preparations, cologne, perfume, after-shave).
  • The classic triad of Ethanol overdose in children is:
  1. Hypothermia

  2. Hypoglycemia

  3. Coma

Hypoglycemia and Ethanol Poisoning

  • The hypoglycemia is due to ethanol’s inhibition of gluconeogenesis (remember organic chemistry?).
  • Ethanol also reduces the uptake of gluconeogenesis subtrates by the liver.
  • The younger the child the greater the risk for hypoglycemia (they have low glycogen stores to begin with).
  • While the intoxication may lead to altered mental status, keep in mind the possibility of hypoglycemia as the cause as well.
  • Often the hypoglycemia may be severe enough to lead to seizures.
  • The development of hypoglycemia does not correlate directly to the severity of the ingestion.
  • Think about Ethanol ingestion with Anion Gap Metabolic Acidosis (MUD PILES), elevated lactate, and blunted response to glucagon.

Moral of the story: “DON’T FORGET THE SUGAR” in any patient, but particularly pediatric patients, with change in mental status, seizure, toxic appearance, or concern for overdose.

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Sean M. Fox
Sean M. Fox

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