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Puff of Smoke

One of the refreshing aspects of taking care of children is that, generally, they don’t have a mile long list of medications or an extensive known past medical history, unlike their adult counterparts.  Unfortunately, this generality can lead us to become…

Endocarditis in Children


Many conditions may present subtly in children (ex, Inborn Errors of Metabolism, HUS, Pneumonia), but the subtle presentations of cardiac disease are often the most attention grabbing. We have previously discussed Subtle Signs of Heart Failure and Myocarditis.  Let us take a…

Leukemia Clues

Leukemia Clues

Many of the PedEM Morsels accentuate the need to be vigilant, although reasonable, and guard against the significant pathology that may present in a benign manner. Often this merely requires maintaining an “active” mind when evaluating children.  The “active” mind…