Frenulum Tear

Get CMETorn FrenulumHave you ever been told that something “isn’t a big deal” only to later find out that it was? Of course, any one who is in a significant relationship with another person has experienced this phenomenon. I, myself, may be at fault (once in a blue moon). Often, when I evaluate intra-oral injuries I will tell families that the mouth heals very well and seldom requires primary repair (ex, Tongue Lacerations). Naturally, there are other intra-oral injuries that do warrant more contemplation and concern (ex, Tonsillar Injuries). A lip frenulum tear, however, is “no big deal.” Right? Well… let us just remain vigilant.


Frenulum Tear

  • The upper lip has the Superior Labial Frenulum and lower lip has the Inferior Labial Frenulum.
    • Also referred to as a Frenum.
    • These are folds of mucous membrane that are midline and extend from the gingiva to the lips.
  • They can be easily torn when the mouth is hit or the lip is pulled/stretched.
  • Often bleeds “a lot” (as many injuries to the face/mouth do), but usually will spontaneously stop bleeding.


Frenulum Tear: Management

  • This is easy… management is reassurance that it will heal fine on its own! 🙂
    • Let families know that they may bleed intermittently if people keep pulling open the lip to see the injury.
    • Simple pressure on outside of lip usually is enough to stop bleeding.
    • May want to advocate for a soft mechanical diet for a few days to help avoid reopening the wound with sharp crackers and chips (the typical diet of most American kids).
  • Does not typically require specific closure or intervention.
    • Heals well on its own without primary closure.
    • If the tear is more than the frenulum, extending to the surrounding gingiva, repair may be necessary – be sure to use absorbable sutures!


Frenulum Tear: It is Trauma!

  • Unfortunately, another consideration needs to cross your mind: Non-Accidental Trauma / Abuse.
    • A frenulum tear is NOT pathognomonic for abuse, but intra-oral injuries are seen in a significant number of abuse cases. [Maguire, 2007]
    • The history, obviously, plays an important role in helping to raise concern for abuse.
      • Knowing the developmental milestones can help determine whether an reported cause of injury would be reasonable.
        • A 2 month old would not have caused her/his own frenulum tear by falling.
        • An 18 month old may have fallen an hit the lips on a table edge.
        • Non-ambulatory children with facial injuries should raise your level of concern for abuse. [Starr, 2015; Thackeray, 2007]
      • The most frequently reported abusive injury to the mouth is injury to the lips, but a frenulum tear in isolation does not equate to abuse. [Maguire, 2007; Thackeray, 2007]
    • Several abusive mechanisms have been proposed to cause a frenulum tear: [Maguire, 2007]
      • Forceful feeding
      • Forceful placement of a pacifier
      • Gagging
      • Gripping or stretching of the lip
      • Vigorous rubbing of the lip
      • Direct forceful blow to lip


Moral of the Morsel

  • A frenulum tear can be managed with simple, non-surgical interventions.
  • A frenulum tear is intra-oral trauma. Remain vigilant and evaluate for other trauma.
  • Undress the child and look for other trauma. I know it is tempting to just look in the mouth… but be thorough and look for other signs of non-accidental trauma.
  • A frenulum tear is not pathognomonic for abuse, but make sure the story and developmental milestones make sense.



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  1. My son is sleeping a lot more since he tore is frenum. Is that normal? He’s 15 months old and he normally only takes a nap during lunch time but this is his 2nd nap and has spent most of the day crying.

    • Katie,
      I am sorry your son was injured. I cannot give out specific medical advice on-line, obviously; however, I would not attribute sleeping more to a torn frenulum specifically. The event that caused such an injury may lead to other issues, though. If you are concerned, you should speak with your pediatrician about it and have him evaluated.

      Stay well,

  2. I overly scrapped underneath my tounge from stretching my tounge and consistantly licking. I can. Ot lift my tounge and it hurts to swallow and feels swollen and burns. It’s been 2 days and wont go down.

  3. So, I actually cut my frenum by mistake, i was reaching for some chewing gum in the front of my mouth so i could throw it out. I moved too fast and my nail either cut my frenum or my gums, it didn’t bleed but its been 2-3 days and it still hurts. Ive been told not to worry about it since the mouth heals relatively quickly. Will talking continue to annoy the wound? Eating is fine though

    • I cannot give out individualized medical advice over the internet, but generally the frenulum will heal without complication… even if you need to continue to speak to others (although, if you want to use it as an excuse for not being able to speak to some people, feel free to do so).

  4. My son was running and hit his upper frenalum. It tore a little but can I put some numbing Orajel around it . He’s 2 and it does hurt him a little but I gave him morr run and should he be sipping on his sippy cup . Won’t it continue to rip if he laughs smiles or eats .

  5. Hi my 7 month old daughter fell off the bed and landed on the corner of the crib and somehow tore her upper frenulum, now I remind you this was not a small fall, how common is a frenulum tear , I’m like freaking out

    • I am sorry to hear your little one has been injured. I cannot give specific advice regarding treatment of individuals (for obvious reasons). Frenulum tears, though are not concerning in their own right. They often heal well without any intervention.

      All the best,

  6. My baby is 12 months n 3 weeks old his upper lip tie is torn please help me to treat him . This is the first time seen in my life I don,t know how to handle it

  7. My baby is 8weeks, and when trying to clean her tongue, I accidentally torn the lower frenulum, will it heal on it own or I need to take her to the hospital, I am very worried, it might affect her.

  8. I was unaware that my upper frenulum was torn into I got it pierced it was torn before but I’m not sure when. But since I got it pierced I have had horrible headaches and I was wondering if it was the reason why. If anyone knows please tell me.

  9. Urgent response requested, if possible. My 9 mo old has a slight case of lip tie. He was, when he was born, advised to get it cut so it would be easier for him later in life. We didnt do it, but he just fell and it tore… will it heal together or will it remain separated? If it heals together, do we need to see a doctor to help it heal separately so he doesn’t have to get it cut in the future if it bothers him? Please help.

  10. Hi, I’ve had an upper lip frenelum most of my life but I remember rubbing it this time last year. It used to connect the midle of my upper lip to the gum. If it heals, will it stretch down again to my upper lip (in the middle)? I want to say in past years it’s grown back but im concerned if it will again. Are these years of healing?

  11. Hi my 18 months old smashed her lip Frenum in a very bookish table edge injury
    Her lip sticks out and she intermittentlybhas a bleed but always provoked like wipe nose etc.
    My concern
    Does she need Antibiotics to prevent infection
    How long does it take to heal
    The dentist saw her yesterday and said she may or may not need a stitch /Glue for better healing.
    She a
    Dr Sean thanks for all above info.
    I will really appreciate if you can answer some questions in general . Completely understand won’t be specific to my child .

    • I’m sorry your child was injured… although these types of things happen often so do not fret.

      Obviously, I cannot specifically advise you on how to care for your child. In general though, frenulum tears / injuries need nothing more than time to heal (usually not much time… as the mouth heals very quickly). Keeping the area clean with good dental hygiene is all that is usually needed. No antibiotics will be beneficial for uncomplicated injuries.

      All the best,

  12. I noticed that my upper frenulum had a small tear a long time ago. But recently, i think i did something while brushing and now its much larger of a rip. Its quite painful. What should i do ? Have had a little blood while brushing. But thats all I’ve noticed

  13. My 4 year old frenulum is stuck between his two front teeth, but he saying it doesn’t hurt. Can it be removed, or will it come out on its own?

  14. My 8 month old just tore his upper labial frenulum. He must have pulled his lip too forcefully because he was literally just lying next to me.
    He doesn’t seem to be in any particular pain or anything. Seeing my baby’s blood hurt me more than it did him.
    Anyways, my question is what is the function of this and will this little injury cause any issues later on (speech development etc.)?

    • The lip’s frenulum is an attachment point between the lip and the gingiva. Tears usually heal without complication and have no lasting ill-effects.
      It is important, though to ensure continued good oral hygiene.
      All the best,

  15. Some of the frenulum under my tongue just disappeared can you expliane it please because I’m scared of the rest breaking

  16. (I’m 15 by the way) My upper labial frenulum got stuck between my two front teeth as I was growing which is probably why I get pain from time to time. But it comes randomly. I have literally just woken up and it hurts. What could it be and how can I fix this.

  17. My son is 11 months old he fell and tore his upper labial frenulum. The bleeding stopped but I am worried about his labial frenulum. What should I do?

    • Intraoral lacerations and frenulum tears heal exceptionally well WITHOUT needing repair. If you ever are uncertain, ask your physician or friendly neighborhood Emergency Physician!

      Hope all is well,

  18. I am 17, recently I had some pain in my jaw, it was stiff and hard to chew or open my mouth too wide. it lasted for about 2/3 days ,I initially thought it had something to do with my wisdom teeth growing, which is partially grown out; the rest is still under the gum. so I usually try to open my mouth really wide to look at my wisdom teeth on about the 3rd/2nd day my jaw stopped hurting but then my frenulum started to pain and has been 4 days now and its hasn’t seem to be getting any better. my question is this a frenulum tear/ damage as well because I haven’t really seen it bleed.

  19. My sisters upper lip was tore and it was seriously bleeding but the bleeding stopped her upper lip is a bit purple now. is she fine

    • Obviously,I cannot give out specific medical advice to patients who I have never evaluated. That being said, where the injury actually is matters in to assessing whether any intervention is needed. If you are concerned, you should see your physician.
      Hope all is well,

  20. I was either 6 or 7 when I tore my upper frenum. I did a belly flop on my trampoline and my upper lip got streatched to far when I landed. I remember a lot of pain and blood but that’s about it. I can’t even remember how long it took to heal. Works fine now though.

  21. I have torn my frenum three times (maybe four) and it has never healed properly. It doesn’t hold my lip down like it’s supposed to and it kind of sticks out. I might have done something to it again because it hurts. Is this normal?

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